About Us

BUELL Wetsuits, Inc. is based in Santa Cruz, California. We pride ourselves on making the best performing, and warmest wetsuits on the market, while providing the highest quality suit for the most affordable price to the consumer. Since 2009, BUELL wetsuits has brought wetsuits and neoprene products to the market that are built on function, quality, and design.

BUELL Wetsuits, Inc. built their first wetsuit 5 years ago this September 9th. We have since revolutionized the way brands now look at their athletes and importance of their wetsuits as a branding and marketing tool. Our Private Label wetsuits have been very succesful. Building suits for both the #1 male and female in the world at the same time.

The founder Ryan Buell has over 15 years experience in wetsuit design, research and development, and production. We have invented numerous designs from concept to completion that have become industry benchmarks for performance. We Are passionate waterman, dedicated towards making high quality, handmade wetsuits. We have a great track record for designing and providing incredible wetsuits. Using the best materials along with performance focused design, ergonomic fit, and new age construction terchniques making Buell a highly sought after wetsuit.