Kalani David goes Bonkers in SoCal

by MC Buell on July 08, 2010

 Kalani David has been going bonkers in Socal this past month. Putting his Buell wetsuit to good use throughout the entire run.

Here he is doing a frontside tail blast at the NSSA Nationals in HB. Pretty poised for 12 tears old

The youngest ever Finalist for the open Boys division, here he is with a backside power hack. He is also the competitor to nail a 10.0 at Nationals.
The Grom just Ramps out. Just as big on a skate too. Check him out fully at www.rvca.com
Here he is with both his buell suit, and his game face on..............

What? Kalani Robb!

by Static B on May 24, 2010

 Kalani Robb stopped by Buell HQ this weekend along with the Electric surf team, turns out he's got MAD ping pong skills!

 You know he's Sucka Free, so of course he picked out a couple Buell wetsuits and a pair of Monster Booties! 



I'm Just Saying...

by Static B on May 24, 2010

 Have you noticed how many contests are being won lately by surfers wearing their Buell wetsuits? 

 Mitch Coleburn is the latest big winner taking down the Volcom World Championships in his Buell-Made Volcom Wetty!


Chris Waring, Chris Waring, Joan Duru, Carissa Moore, Andrew Droid Doheny, and now Mitch Coleburn... I'm Just Saying!

Welcome Chris Foster to the team!

by Static B on May 24, 2010

 Our newest team member hails all the way from Kauai. We're stoked he's wearing Buell Suits when he's in the cold water!

ASF Makes Airshow Finals at Volcom

by Static B on May 15, 2010

Buell Team-Rider Austin Smith-Ford just finished the Airshow Finals at the Volcom World Championships.

Tune in to www.volcom.com to see the results live! 

Congrats to Tyler Newton!

by Static Buell on May 13, 2010

 Tyler Newton just won a free Buell Wetsuit LIVE on www.Volcom.com! 

 Missed your chance? MC Buell will be giving away 2 more suits LIVE on-air during the contest Friday and Saturday!


Volcom World Championships

by Colin Herrick on May 12, 2010


MC Buell will be announcing the Volcom World Championships LIVE on the web this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!
Once each day he'll be giving away a free wetsuit to a lucky listener, so tune in at Volcom.com!

Andrew Doheny Wins Nike 6.0 Junior Pro

by Colin Herrick on March 30, 2010

Andrew Doheny scores last minute buzzer-beating 8 point ride to win the Nike 6.0 junior pro at Trestles... wearing his new Buell made Volcom wetsuit of course!

┬ęBuell Wetsuits 2011


┬ęBuell Wetsuits 2011